Wednesday 4th March, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at 50 St John Street, Ashbourne, DE6 1GH


A fabulous opportunity to spend the day learning some of the techniques we can use in our Creative Journaling practice, while immersing yourself in the inspirational surroundings of this wonderful Art Gallery & Café in Ashbourne.


This day workshop will run from 10am until 4pm




Perhaps you have been working on one of my FREE 30 Day Journal Projects and your interested in taking your exploration to the next ‘level’. Or maybe the idea of Creative Journaling is completely new to you.  Where ever you are on your own Creative Journey, this workshop is for you if you are;


  • Creatively Curious
  • Looking for _______ (fill in the blank) (something/anything as yet elusive)
  • Openminded
  • Seeking Inspiration
  • An Artist/Not an Artist
  • Stuck
  • An aspiring writer/artist/creative……..
  • don’t consider yourself creative at all and yet have (maybe secret) desires to express yourself more creatively
  • want to connect to your own creative voice
  • are seeking a way to process ideas, feelings and emotions
  • want to unlock your creative potential
  • are looking for inspiration & motivation in any area of your life
  • are interested in trying a new way of experimenting with creativity

The emphasis during this day is not so much on ‘Creating a piece of Art’, as it is simply allowing ourselves the time space and freedom to begin to experiment and explore this method of Creative Journaling as a PROCESS to allow us to access our Creativity.  If you have newly emerging or maybe long held creative desires that as yet have struggled for whatever reason to find an outlet, then you’ll be in good company !


During the day I will guide you through some of the simple techniques we can use in Creative Journaling to make a ‘Wisdom Journal’ from one sheet of paper and some creative experimentation with paint, glue and images (among other things) which you will take home with you so that you can continue to work in it at your leisure.


Your investment for the day will be £80.00 and will include all materials & resources. Once you have enrolled for the workshop you will be sent more detailed information about the day which will include examples of material you may wish to bring with you but this is entirely optional !

Also included are morning & afternoon refreshments and a superb lunch in the Cafe.


IN ORDER TO SECURE YOUR PLACE you will need to make your booking directly with St John Gallery & Café


call them on

01335 347425


their email address is


or follow this LINK to find their web site


Of course you can always CONTACT ME if you would like any more information or have any questions


you can also find out more about Creative Journaling by reading my latest Journal piece HERE