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I hope that you’ll find lots of interesting stuff here to inspire and motivate you to make, to create, to do your thing and be you!

Here, I’m sharing with you,  a collection of things that I’ve come across on my way that have had a positive influence on me, that have inspired and given me courage.   Books, Podcasts, Ted Talks, TV & radio programmes etc.  some of which I hope you’ll also find interesting food for creative thought.  There is so much juicy content out there just waiting for us to discover, this is my attempt to share with you the juiciest bits that have come my way so far.

Most, if not all of the content you’ll find here has links to our search for creative expression, self-discovery and our desire to live a wholehearted life founded on a sense of our own integrity and authenticity

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Enjoy !

The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self Portrait

This is the diary of Frida Kahlo covering the years 1944 - 1954 published here IN IT'S ENTIRETY!  A Famous artist and Icon her work and life are now legend.  Her journal contains Frida's thoughts, poems, dreams as well as paintings, sketches & drawings including several self-portraits.

‘Braving The Wilderness’ by Brene Brown

This book is the result of Brene's work as she dug deep into understanding our human need for belonging, what it means to truly belong, the difference between belonging and 'fitting in' and how freeing it is when we are able to truly belong without betraying ourselves.

‘Today I Rise’…The Initiation

This is something that I return to again and again...and its power never diminishes, so of course I have to share it with you...

What feelings/emotions does it conjure in you ?
Where do those feelings/emotions live in you ?
What is your Call to Action ?