About Yoga

The Sanksrit word ‘Yoga’ can be translated to mean ‘to yoke’ or ‘to unite’.

In the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali , Yoga is described as a ‘state’ where-in one has the ability to direct & sustain the mind exclusively toward an object without any distractions.

Yoga techniques include physical postures (Asana), breathing practices (Pranayama) as well as relaxation and meditative practices.  Using these practices it is possible to begin to balance all aspects of our being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Yoga is a personal practice allowing us as  individuals to pursue our own needs, be it a physical fitness regime, stress relief or more profound inner/spiritual exploration.

My focus is on working safely and yet creatively finding ways for us all to access the benefits of the practice, regardless of what we perceive our ‘ability’ to be. There is always an emphasis on allowing space for letting go and for relaxation. I often work with a set number of Asanas (postures) over a few weeks. Becoming familiar with the Asanas can allow you to redirect attention from the physical movement to the movement of the breath, to co-ordination and concentration, thus accessing deeper levels of practice.

If you would like to combine working your body and breath with awareness. If you are interested in creating space and ease in Body, Breath & Mind, to begin to access your true nature and intuitive wisdom, then come along and join us.


The benefits of Yoga are numerous. It can help alleviate stress and depression, induce relaxation in body and mind and relieve physical strain as well as being enjoyed as a physical fitness regime successfully promoting health and well-being.

It might be argued that these ‘benefits’ are simply ‘by products’ of a practice, the ultimate purpose of which is much more profound.  But whatever brings you to your practice, stress, anxiety, depression, a desire for physical fitness or a desire for connection and spiritual awakening, what else can we do but embrace it?  This is where we are, this is where we start our journey

Safe Practice

Safe practice is a priority and with this in mind all class attendees will be asked to complete a health questionnaire when they first join us. This helps me to be able to offer appropriate alternatives and modifications where necessary.

What to bring

I am able to offer use of a mat until you feel ready to invest in one of your own, most people do prefer to have their own personal mat.  You’ll also need a warm blanket for the relaxation and a couple of yoga blocks are always useful.  I can help you find this equipment at reasonable prices, so do ask me.

You’ll find the practice more comfortable if you wear loose comfortable clothing, layers are always good.  The room may be cool and the body temperature may fluctuate during the session.

Cost & Terms & Conditions

The current price of my classes is £7.00 per session.

When you first join my classes, you will be able to pay weekly for the first half term, normally around 6 weeks.  This is to allow you some time to decide if this class is for you.

Subsequently, after the first half term, you will need to pay for each half term in advance in order to secure you place in the class.  I am unable to transfer any monies in lieu of any missed classes.  In exceptional circumstances, at my own discretion, where a student may have attended regularly for many years and finds that they have missed several classes in a term, I may offer a refund.