“Creativity is the natural order of life.
Life is energy, pure creative energy”
(Julia Cameron)

In recent years, my reading of some of the work by Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert & Lisa Sonora has allowed me the opportunity to re-frame my thinking about creativity, how creativity shows up in our lives, how we embrace it, use it and enjoy it. How we can use creativity to help us process some of our most challenging feelings & emotions.

While we may not be ‘artists’ we can still find ways of channelling our creative desires, dreams & impulses and while we may not all end up as best selling artists or novelists, the important thing is to find ways of embracing and enjoying our creativity in a way that brings joy, expression & healing into our lives.

When we dare to be creative, we are bringing into existence, manifesting something which never before existed, something original and that means taking risks.

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“Our story is the story of the Universe. Every piece of everyone and everything you love and everything you hate, of the things you hold most precious was assembled by the forces of nature in the first few minutes of the life of the universe.  Transformed in the hearts of stars or created in their fiery deaths.  And when you dies, those pieces will be returned to the universe in the endless cycle of death and re-birth” (Brian Cox)

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