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If you’re curious about why journaling is a great idea ….have a read of my journal entry Why keep a journal

Spoiler alert…

Because your life has significance… this alone is reason enough
your imaginings
your dreams
yours ideas
and your experiences,
your life, no matter who you are – has significance

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A Journal page

A Journal page doesn't have to be full of words.  It doesn't have to have ANY words. A journal page can be anything you want it to be !     This particular journal page started out with some paint and then I added some layers of tissue and brown paper ( I...

Stamping it out

Watch the video of this 'stamping' exercise and how it ends up in my Journal

A Magical Fusion

My journaling practice can take on many a guise and I continue to relish the ways that the varied threads of my life overlap and manifest together in the simplest of ways.

Watch my short video

Permission Slips… A virtual Project

A virtual workshop Setting Intentions & Writing  'Permission Slips'   to help us live our best lives in the coming year   Monday 3rd January 2022 (Bank Holiday) 4pm - 6pm GMT Hosted live on Zoom Maximum 10 participants £25.00 Join me for 2 hrs of...

Just One Word …part two

Time for round two of our brief, short and simple Mini Journal Project....   Just One Word   If you'd like to, you can remind yourself of what we set out to do HERE in part one of this Mini Journal Project   You might now like to read through what...

Just One Word

An invitation to a short Journal Project     Have you ever thought of Journaling....yet, when you think about it maybe these thoughts flood into your head ...? I don't have time I've got nothing to say What's the point? How do I start? Yes ?

Why keep a Journal ?

Reason #1 Because your life has significance... this alone is reason enough your imaginings your dreams yours ideas and your experiences, your life, no matter who you are - has significance   This question as to WHY keep a journal not only has numerous valid...

Cup full of Memories

The final project from my recent 2 week Book Making ecourse with Rachel Hazell aka The Travelling Book Binder. An opportunity to connect with precious memories of holidays, sunshine & shared stories. Check out the short video below...  ...

A question of Connection

I felt I was struggling to feel a sense of purpose, to see the point, of making, of creating, while in the midst of a pandemic and so much trauma.  I had been quite 'good' at following the 'rules', social distancing, mask wearing, hand washing, no unnecessary...