Journal Flip Through

Someone recently made a comment to me which made me stop and think.


On viewing one of my videos, they said, ‘this is art’.

I confess it brought me up short and I’ve been ruminating on it ever since.


It seems I’m not immune to being caught up in the pressure to share the best, the most attractive and complete parts of my work.

While Creative Journaling isn’t about creating beautiful images, the apparently irresistible urge is to only share the ‘best bits’ is overwhelming.


The images I share with you here, on this website, particularly in the Journaling prompts, are only snap shots of a much bigger and mixed bag of work that is all part of the creative process.

For this reason I thought I’d share with you a ‘warts and all’ flip through one of my journals.

This journal is one from 2017. I made the whole thing from scratch, binding and all. It’s made from a whole variety of papers and I love the way it gets more battered over time.




I hope you found it interesting and useful to see the reality of what lies inside a creative journal

Thanks for watching




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