I love love love a good quote !!

Here I’m  sharing some of the quotes that have struck a chord or inspired me in some way.

Quotes… inspire, they motivate, they stimulate, they can be timeless and find new ways to challenge us & our thinking, they can sometimes manage to distil complicated concepts and ideas, they can drill down to the core of a concept, an idea, or value.  This, for me, means they can make great jumping off places for journaling.

I used many quotes in the three free Journaling projects which I have run in the past.  If you missed any of these, you’ll find a free PDF version of each of the Journal projects in the Free Stuff section of my web site.

Below you will find a selection of some of my favourite quotes and I’ll be adding a new one every week which you could use as a journaling prompt if it speaks to you. Or you might want to find out a little more about the author of the quote.