A bit about me

Hi and welcome.  Thanks so much for checking out this page


Below you’ll find a brief summary of the direction my journey has taken me so far.  Dates might be a bit vague…but then that’s how I am with dates.



“In order to become who we are meant to be we must first let go of who we think we are”






Middle of three children

Midlands UK


1971 – 1976

Attended comprehensive school

Lived with undiagnosed epilepsy

Left school during the heat wave of 1976 with few ‘qualifications’

However, achieved pretty awesome grades in all of my dance exams



Parents separated

I left home and moved to London


1977 – 1980

Mixture of ‘live-in’ work and office work

Held my breath for 3 years


1980 – 1984

Moved back to the Midlands

Formative period of debilitating depression & anxiety


1984 – 1089

A period of clawing my way back to life one step at a time

‘worked’ as a volunteer

Studied with the Open University

Various work for the Local Authority & Probation Service


1989 – 1991

Full time student

Cert. of Qualification in Social Work


1991 – 2000

Child Protection Social Worker

Child & Family Therapist




Married my soulmate Alex





Moved to South Wales

Discovered Yoga


2008 – 2011

Studied Yoga formally at Mandala Yoga Ashram… Ongoing

Returned to Derbyshire

Taught Yoga until 2019


2016 – 2019

Discovered the work of Lisa Sonora and Creative Journaling

Studied her classes on line

Travelled to Mexico to attend workshop  ‘Creative Pathways to your Purpose & Power’ with Lisa Sonora Aaron Zimmerman & Emily Trinkaus

Completed Lisa’s Facilitator Training Programme


Well that’s about it, or me, in summary…so far

You’re just about up to speed with the ‘big stuff’


I enjoy simple bookbinding projects, making notebooks, journals and sketchbooks CHECK OUT MY LATEST OFFERINGS IN THE SHOP

I still teach the occasional dance class (I plan to start new classes of Bachata in January 2022) just to make sure my old bones don’t seize up completely !

I journal, read and love to discover inspiring teachers & like-minded creative souls

I am a (beginner level) but keen sewer

I play with paint, colour, paper and collage.  I am an avid collector of beautiful and unusual paper &  recycle as much as I can

I’ve run a free Journaling Project for the past three years (access these on the FREE STUFF PAGE)

Before Covid struck I had begun to dip my toe into running and hosting ‘in person’ workshops.


More changes are in the wind….with an overhaul of this website due for March time 2022 which I’m hoping will make it more interactive with

  • Monthly Journaling Prompts
  • Links to relevant/useful resources
  • Downloads
  • Reviews of Books/Podcasts etc

Have you read my e-book yet ?  ‘Creative Journaling… A creative practice to harness your purpose and potential’