So you may know me as Sharon but I also have a spiritual name ‘Natya Rupa’, I’m really not precious about which you use, I use both, at different times.

I am passionate about (in no particular order), Dancing, Yoga, Creativity and the transformative qualities of these ‘practices’ which we can harness to become our true selves.

“If we want to become who we came here to be, we have to die to who we used to think we were”

Tasha Blank

Considered at best average and at worst a ‘failure’ in my early educational life I suffered for many years with undiagnosed, untreated epilepsy.  The effects of this were to be felt through-out many subsequent years of my life affecting my confidence and self-esteem and resulting in me leading a life  of ‘limitation’ restricted by anxiety and depression for many years.

My journey has therefore been one of discovery, a discovery of the tools that have enabled me to transform my life. They turned out to be Dance, Yoga and Creativity.

The beautiful thing is that none of these practices are mutually exclusive.  My Yoga experience, understanding and practice informs my Dance practice and vice versa and the concept of creativity underpins everything I do.  Dance IS a creative practice, yoga IS a creative practice.  Creativity is a hugely un-recognised part of our lives.

I am now offering a fusion of these techniques, practices and philosophies which have helped me on my own healing journey,  Yoga, Meditation, Creativity and Dance.  All of these tools are a practice to move us towards  a greater sense of Integration, Connection and Healing, a sense of ‘wholeness’, of Yoga!  I have recently begun offering workshops which combine the practices of yoga, creativity and dance, the first of these will take place in June 2018 at a small Yoga centre in the Devon countryside.

In addition I also continue to run weekly Hatha Yoga  Classes as well as Dance Workshops in and around Matlock, Derbyshire where I currently live.  I am able to offer private one to one or group sessions.

Past work history

I spent several years working in a variety of roles within the Local Authority eventually studying and qualifying as a social worker in 1991 and subsequently working as a child protection social worker and later as a child and family therapist.



Dancing has played a very significant role in my life.  During my younger years, despite the effects of my undiagnosed condition, I took myself regularly and consistently to dance classes for several years . Training in Ballroom and Latin American Dance.  Nowadays, I regularly dance Salsa and Bachata for fun but basically enjoy any form of movement to music.  For me there are no ‘mistakes’ in dancing, no right or wrong way to dance.

There’s something for everyone as I guide a range of dancing styles.  From structured dance styles such as salsa, cha cha cha or bachata etc to the more explorative, free style dance experience.

My experience in facilitating dance workshops has taught me that one of the ways to encourage people who are maybe less used to using the body through dance , is to offer them the relative safety of  some choreography.  If I offer you ‘steps’, ‘timing’ and a ‘routine’,  we have placed some kind of safety zone around the expansive nature of the embodiment of dance. Find out more about my upcoming workshops here.

Sharing my love of dance, through my workshops,  particularly with those who believe they ‘can’t dance’, is an absolute joy and privilege.


I first discovered  Yoga in 2004 while living in South Wales and over the next few years Yoga revolutionised my life. The principles, philosophy and concepts of Yoga influence all aspects of my life, it underpins my approach to everything I do, as such Yoga has become more than a hobby or a job but a life’s work. For me Yoga is not only about what you do on the mat but how you live your life off it.  It was my first Yoga teacher who introduced me to Mandala Yoga Ashram which has been my Spiritual home for over ten years now. It is here that I studied for my Yoga teaching qualification.  I have gone on to attend countless courses at the Ashram some lengthy year-long submersions into subjects such as Meditation and the Chakras, some shorter but no less influential courses on topics like pranayama, mudras the bandhas and many more.  I am a member of the British Wheel of Yoga.

Since completing my Teacher Training, I have gone on to study Antenatal Yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Yoga Therapy for MS/CFS, Burnout and Chronic Illness with Fiona Agombar.


What else Inspires me ?

Apart from the influences of Yoga & dance which I’ve already mentioned, I have found great inspiration through studying the work of Brene Brown on the subject of Vulnerability.  Undertaking many of her workshops has helped me to more fully integrate these concepts into how I see myself in the world.

Another equally profound influence on my journey has been the work of Lisa Sonora Beam.  An American artist and creative business consultant living in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Lisa teaches experiential workshops that tap into the healing and transformative powers of creative self-expression.  I have enjoyed many of her on-line workshops, studying the techniques and philosophy of her work and was incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to travel out to Mexico in 2018, to work with her in person at her art studio in Oaxaca, taking part in her workshop ‘Creative pathways to your Purpose and power’.  During 2018 I will be undertaking facilitator training with Lisa Sonora.


Creative Space

I consider myself incredibly fortunate in being able to pursue my passions, not least in being able to develop my new CREATIVE SPACE or studio.  After many months of imagining, planning and hard work I am so delighted that my new studio space is now complete !!  So, now I’m busy planning creative ways that I can share this space with you.  Starting in 2019 I will be running workshops here myself and also hosting other creative souls who want to come and share their creative magic with you, so please keep an eye on the CREATIVITY WORKSHOPS  page for upcoming workshops.  I hope you like the look of the space and I look forward to welcoming you here soon.


Here are some before and after pictures