Creative Journaling eBook

I’d hazard a guess that most people have heard of Journaling… what exactly is Creative Journaling?

I’ve written this e-book in response to my general sense that a lot of people just haven’t heard of Creative Journaling and in an effort to simplify and de-mystify what is really a very simple concept.

In this e-book, some of the topics I cover are….

  • What is Creative Journaling ?
  • The role of image in Creative Journaling
  • How Creative Journaling might be useful
  • Distinguishing between ‘Art Journaling’ & ‘Creative Journaling’
  • Focusing on ‘process & practice’ vs ‘product’
  • The dreaded Blank Page !
  • How we can use Creative Journaling to ‘Harness our Purpose & Potential’

If you are at all curious about what Creative Journaling is and why you might do it, I hope this will answer some of your questions. Why not let me know ?…

Download the eBook