‘ I am excited to share with you the start of my new creative adventure with

‘The Blank Page’…

A series of new Journals, Notebooks and sketchbooks to accompany our creative adventure together.

If you know anything at all about me, you will know that I have had a lifelong love affair with ‘the notebook’.  I simply cannot resist buying them and using them and now I’ve discovered that I can make them too…. what joy !   What’s not to love and I’d like to share that joy with you.

All these offerings are handmade by myself …a self-confessed lover and self-taught maker of books.

I expect the content of what’s on offer here to be constantly changing and evolving as I develop my interest and skills in this form of creative expression. So I hope you’ll check back regularly to find out what my latest offering might be.

From a deckle edge to hand painted covers, from simple mini flutter books with gold leaf embellishments, to concertina sketch books and books made with specialist cotton rag papers from India for special occasions maybe.  The possibilities are, if not endless, packed full of potential.

What I’m hoping to be able to share with you here, is the simplicity and potential of the Blank Page for your own creative expression.  What will result from you using one of my books for your creative expression will be a fusion of my creativity with your creativity.

These books would also make the perfect gift to offer the creative/artist/writer/journal keeper in your life (maybe that’s yourself !?)

Please do check back regularly for new books as they become available.

Better still…Subscribe to my mail list to make sure you hear when new books are becoming available.

My intention….. I have a very clear intention for these books which I want to share with you…

It is my intention not to ‘hang on’ to these books.  I want them out in the world in the creative flow. They will be made available here for you to buy if you feel drawn to do so.  However, I will not keep them for very long.  If they are not sold here, I will find another way to send them out into the world in search of their new home and to create space for new work to come in.

How will I do this?…. Randomly !  I’m hoping that this will help me on my own journey of learning the benefits of an attitude of  ‘letting go’ and ‘gratitude’ for living a life of abundance.

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