A Journal page

A Journal page doesn’t have to be full of words.  It doesn’t have to have ANY words.

A journal page can be anything you want it to be !



This particular journal page started out with some paint and then I added some layers of tissue and brown paper

( I love texture )

I often go through my journal working on several pages at a time in this way.  I might be experimenting with a particular colour or I might be in the mood for adding texture to a page with recycled saved papers.  Just doing this feel therapeutic and engrossing.


Its that ‘process’ thing I keep going on about !


These pages might then stay like this for days, weeks or months (forever) before I might come back to them and use them for a base for exploring an idea.

This is what this particular page turned into some months later…It was back in January & I had been taking part in a yoga workshop about Mindset.









OK….who spotted the spelling gaff ?






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