Stamping it out

Stamping…why ?

Apart from enjoying the process of using letter stamps…I really find it a useful process and use this as a way of cementing an idea, a concept a quote into my psyche.   I’m slowly building a small collection of letter stamping sets, the one I used here is my latest acquisition and my current favourite, its small, quite clear and was really cheap…win win !

This process means you have to really concentrate (if you don’t want spelling mistakes) it makes you slow down and naturally during the process you are repeating the quote, saying, mantra, many times, in your head.

I think I actually did this exercise 4 times before I managed to complete it without any mistakes…to me…that’s some well spent, serious ‘self talk’ !


Watch the video here…



I just know…I’m not alone at being much ‘better’ or more practised at negative self talk than I am at positive.  So I also know I need to spend this time drilling in new self talk that is positive and affirming, permission giving !

Insider info alert….My mental mantra to myself, for years, used to be ‘ lay down before you get knocked down’.  Now days, just typing that out here, makes me quite sad.

So, I now believe, its important to find as many ways as possible to ‘re-write the stories we tell ourselves’ and reframe our view of ourselves.  After all, some of us have spent years believing in the negative stuff… & that’s going to take some conscious work and effort to change !


  • Do you use stamping in your Journal ?
  • Do you have a personal mantra ?


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