Permission Slips… A virtual Project

A virtual workshop

Setting Intentions & Writing  ‘Permission Slips’


to help us live our best lives in the coming year


Monday 3rd January 2022 (Bank Holiday)

4pm – 6pm GMT

Hosted live on Zoom

Maximum 10 participants


Join me for 2 hrs of creative writing, mark making & paper folding  joy

What you can expect…..

  • Positivity & Encouragement to support your aspirations & dreams
  • Sharing and Connection with other creative souls
  • The lightest sprinkling of Yoga philosophy for context
  • A fun and simple paper folding exercise
  • Some juicy (no pressure) writing
  • List making
  • A dash of play & experimentation
  • Lots of options & alternatives to achieve the outcome you’re looking for


By the end of this mini project you will be the proud owner of your very own personal Concertina Booklet with pockets.

Each pocket will be home to one of your individually written ‘Permission Slips‘ to help guide you through the next 12 months.



This mini project is offered as a positive reframe of our more traditional New Years Resolutions and also as a bit of personal resistance to the seemingly never-ending tide of ‘Challenges’ that seem to be offered in various guises these days.


Maybe you feel, as I do,  that life is quite full enough of challenges, thank you very much, which keep us constantly busy and under pressure.

What might be more useful, I might suggest, in helping us live our best possible lives, is positive words of support and encouragement.

The inspiration for this mini project came from two of my recent experiences…

Firstly…. I heard someone refer to words as ‘spells’….that really struck a chord with me.  Words are indeed spells, words have power.

Secondly… I was stressing over something I felt I ought to do and my husband calmly said to me ‘why don’t you just give yourself permission not to do it’

And so the idea for this project was born and I’m excited to share it with you !

In these two hours we’ll be harnessing the power of our own words and casting spells of positivity and support on ourselves.  These will act as reminders, in the coming months, of the need to be generous and kind in the use of our language towards ourselves and in turn guide us in our desire to live our best possible lives.

What you’ll need….



Glue stick



4 sheets A4 paper

Other paper or notebook

A selection of writing implements

Bone folder (nice to have but not essential)

Something to ‘score’ your paper (I use the tip of an awl but a blunt knife would be fine)

Old playing cards or parcel tags or card stock (why not upcycle some old greetings cards ?)

A selection of my current favourite writing implements…

I have timed this workshop in a way that I hope will make it accessible for those in the UK and some I know who live farther afield.

Bank Holiday Monday after New Year celebrations seemed the perfect time to me to think about how we’d like to enter into the New Year together.

I do hope you’ll join me for some shared fun as we set our Positive Intentions and give ourselves Permission to allow the Positive Power of words to cast a spell on our lives.

On a personal note….this will be my first adventure into hosting a virtual event (one of my own Permission Slips reads….’Take Risks’ ) .  This is partly why I have limited the numbers.  I hope you will be kind with your words to me as I navigate my foray into ‘tech land’.


Here’s a short video of my permission slips…