Writers’ HQ



More news about great creative people putting great creative stuff out there in the world to help US get our Creative ON !


If you’re finding yourself heading more into the world of Creative Writing right now…then you might want to check this out.

Writers’ HQ is jam packed full of ways to get your creative writing juices flowing

  • free resources
  • workshops
  • courses
  • exercises
  • free/monthly/annual membership packages available

to name but a few.

As they say themselves…

Writers’  HQ


We’ve got everything you need to get going, keep going, plot, edit, unpick, rebuild, and publish your stories

Writers’ HQ is run by Sarah & Jo and I love their style, fun, relaxed and friendly with an absolute tidal wave of writerly content to choose from. Just a heads up, if you are easily offended by the occasional cuss word then …you have been warned !


Pre-pandemic, I attended one of their in-person day writing retreats, this was where I got down and wrote my first Journaling Project.  I’ve also taken part in their ’14 days to a solid writing habit’ course which showed up in my Journal…

There’s lots more that I know I would like to do with them and I understand from the web site, that their in-person workshops are due to start up again very soon…yay !!


You’ll find lots to check out in their free membership to get you started and the monthly paid subscription eases you in with a £10.00 discount on the usual £20.00 monthly fee for the first month.  If you decide to go all in for the annual subscription you save a whole lot of money to spend on biscuits to fuel your writing adventures.


Follow the Links below to explore everything that they have to offer


There’s one whole lot of content to check out their web site HERE

If you’re into Instagram you can check them out here

and they’re on FB too