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Its my intention to get lots of new content up here in the coming weeks which I hope you might find interesting.  I thought what better place to start than with a page from my latest Sketchbook.

In this sketchbook page, I was experimenting with new colours, colour combinations, texture, mono printing and a variety of mark making methods, finding out what I liked, what got me excited.


Sketchbook ?    I thought it was a Journal I hear you say.

I used to struggle a bit with what to ‘call’ my Journal.  Is it a Journal, a notebook, an art journal, a diary, a sketchbook ? Now, its fair to say that at the moment I have several ‘Journals’ on the go and I also find myself working on large sheets of loose paper sometimes.  The one which this short video is from, I think of more as  a ‘Sketchbook’ than a Journal but what’s in a name ?   This is a big juicy A3 Sea White sketch book which I bought while they were in the sale.  The pages are 150gsm which is a great weight of paper for experimenting using paint, glue etc.  Its in these ‘Sketchbooks’ that I do more, what you might call, intentional experimentation with what you might think of as ‘Art’ materials.  I experiment with colours, mixing colours, combinations, thinking about contrast and tone and composition.  My Sketchbook feels like its sort of one step on from my other journaling where I might set out with no ‘intentions’ at all,  beyond engaging with the process of playing and allowing creative ideas, thoughts, dreams to surface and find expression, to manifest in someway.

Truth is, ‘Journaling’ for me takes many forms depending on a few different things.  Its also developed and changed over the years that I’ve been doing it.  So what journaling meant to me 2 years ago was different to what it might mean to me now and that’s because I’m different, my interests are developing, changing and growing, so how I use Journaling is changing too.


I do hope you’ll join me on your own Journaling Journey !


In a future post here, I’ll talk about those things which influence how, what, where and why I journal.  So if you have any questions about Journaling, what it is, why you might do it etc. DO get in touch with me   and let me know what your questions are. ( Spoiler alert…..journaling is whatever you want it to be ! )  This Sketchbook page represents just one way in which the process of Journaling  helps me find Joy.













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