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An invitation to a short Journal Project



Have you ever thought of Journaling….yet, when you think about it maybe these thoughts flood into your head …?
  • I don’t have time
  • I’ve got nothing to say
  • What’s the point?
  • How do I start?
Yes ?  Ok…now we’ve established two important things
  1. You are ‘journal curious’
  2. You are not on your own

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So having established that you have some curiosity about the idea of keeping a journal and that you are not the first or only one to experience those ‘obstacles’ ….I’ve put together this simple project just for you…you’re welcome !

If, however, you’re an old hand at this journaling malarkey, then you might enjoy this slightly alternative quick exercise, so why not join in too ?


These 4, shall we call them  ‘objections’ to journaling are some of the most common that I hear from people who don’t journal but are, as I say, ‘journal curious’.   So I wanted to offer something which is really simple to get those journaling juices flowing.


Here is what I am suggesting you might like to try…


This weekend…that’s Saturday/Sunday 13/14 November I’d like you to write down Just One Word

Next weekend we’ll look at maybe just one thing we can do with our words



This brief, short and simple project is designed to simply get us into the mindset of writing our words down on paper, what that feels like and how we can keep them for us to return to some day.  You’ll discover that you actually do have time and that you now know at least one way to start.  If you’re looking for answers to the question of why then you might like to check out my short journal piece ‘Why keep a Journal’



  • There are NO rules
  • So…relax ! No one is coming to check up on what you do/don’t do, promise
  • There are absolutely no right or wrongs to how you interpret this project (my only aim is that you get curious)


What will you Need…

  • One piece of paper. Anything, any size.  Back of an envelope, old receipt. Bit of paper off the re-cycle pile…(the paper is not the important bit)
  • One writing implement. Anything, pen, pencil, crayon, whatever comes to hand (again…not really important)
  • Maybe a smidge of curiosity…“what might happen if I write down Just One Word?” 


Here’s how…



  • Friday night…take that piece of paper and a pen/pencil to bed with you. Put it right next to the bed so that you can grab it when you first wake up.



  • When you wake up, grab that paper & pen and write down Just One Word (remember no one is checking up on what you write, it’s not a test, don’t take it too seriously !)
  • Fold up that scrap of paper and (this might be the most challenging part) keep it with you all day until you go to bed again
  • That’s it !!
  • However…as you carry your word around with you all day, if another word asks to be added to the first then write down One More Word
  • The key is that we are writing down Just One Word at a time but there are no limits on how many times you can do this
  • Resist the urge to re-read what you might have written earlier.  This should be an exercise that is super quick with no real ‘thinking’ involved.
  • Simply write down any word that floats to the front of your head at any time of the day that demands to be written on your paper
  • By the end of the day you will have your folded piece of paper with at least one word on it…maybe more (remember no-one is coming to check and you’re in competition with no-one)
  • Take it to bed with you again. Have it ready for tomorrow


  • Repeat as above
  • At the end of the day find somewhere to save your piece of paper. stuff it in your sock drawer or keep it in your purse.  We’ll come back to it again next weekend

That’s it !  All done for this weekend.  How easy was that?

You see how I’m listening to all of you who say you just don’t have the time for journaling !


If you find yourself asking….”Now what?”….Excellent !  Hold that thought until next weekend and allow yourself to forget all about those words you’ve writen down for now.  We’ll come back to them next weekend



Head over to our Face Book Group and let us know that you’re taking part by posting

‘Just One Word’ that you feel happy to share


For next weekend you will need…

  • another  piece of paper (sort of A5 or A4 size would be fab)
  • pen
  • glue of some sort (pritt stick or pva) would be great but not essential
  • scissors

I’ll be back next weekend …I hope you will too


If you’ve made it this far ….thank you !


If you’re taking part … fantastic !


If you’ve let us know that you’re taking part by connecting & commenting on FB … whoop !!


Sharon X










As the title suggests,



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