Courage & Bravery

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Courage & Bravery

has been our quote theme for

April 2023

Below…you’ll find all of the quotes from April along with some of my thoughts, journaling prompts,

suggestions and questions to help you get journaling…

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Not got time to read through the whole page …?

Here are some bitesize journaling suggestions or options if you’re short on  time …

 – Read the 4 quotes from this month. Pick one and journal your response to it

 – Pick one question from below and ‘answer’ it

 – Choose one of the 2 additional quotes I’ve used below and simply make a list of words that come to mind in response (give yourself 5 minutes, set a timer !)



Following on from our themes of ‘Mindset’ in February & ‘Success’ in March…. ‘Courage & Bravery’ seemed like the natural next step to me, the next subject that we might consider.  The quotes we thought about in February & March invited us to think ‘differently’ and I figured that in order to do that we need to be brave and have some courage…What does it take for us to begin to see & think about things differently ?  Does it take courage?  Do we need to be brave to try new things, to allow ourselves to be open and curious, to go to the places that scare us?  I have to confess that most of the time, when I’m setting myself up to try something new, to step out of my comfort zone, it doesn’t occur to me that I need to be brave or courageous, it seems that it is only on reflection that it occurs to me that, that is what it takes, or occasionally someone will tell me that I am brave for doing something and I am always taken aback because it hadn’t occurred to me.


Fear is the thing that often gets in the way of us trying new things, even the things that we really want to try !  I heard Viola Davis talking about this only the other day.  She said….


Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear

Viola Davis




What do you think ?

  • Do we need courage to try new things (even the things we really want to do) ?
  • Is it fear that stops us/gets in the way ?
  • Fear of what ?

We started April with this quote by Anais Nin….


WEEK 1:  2nd April


Journaling Prompts…

  • I feel that my life ‘shrinks‘ when….
  • I feel that my life ‘expands‘ when…..
  • I know I am being courageous when….


Remember….   All of these quotes, questions, prompts, suggestions are simply that….suggestions & ideas for you to use as a jumping off place for your journaling.  Whatever ‘speaks’ to you or sparks your curiosity, go with that. There are no rules !



Our second quote of the month was…

WEEK 2: 9th April


This one really resonated with me !  Sometimes it’s the exact places we are afraid to visit that we need to go to in order to find what we’re looking for.  I know that this one spoke to some of you too.

Journal Prompts…

  • The ‘cave’ I am afraid to enter is….
  • I am looking for…..
  • The  ‘source’ of what I’m looking for is…
  • I am afraid to go there because…


Our third quote this month…..

WEEK 3: 16th April



  • What does it mean ‘to become who we really are’ ?


This quote from EE Cummings also reminded of one of my all time favourite quotes from Tasha Blank….

In order to become who we are meant to be we need to let go of who we think we are

Tasha Blank


Journaling Prompts….

  • Who do I think I am ?
  • If I let go of _____ I might become _____
  • Who am I meant to be ?



The fourth quote this month….

WEEK 4:  23rd April


A great metaphor, yes?  Like a seed, staying safe and stuck inside that tough shell can be very tempting but does it really serve us to do that ? In order for a seed to soften, sprout and fulfil its purpose & potential ( what it what meant to be) it needs the right conditions



  • How do I begin to soften the shell that protects me
  • What conditions do I need


Our final quote for this month…

WEEK 5: April 30th


It’s never too late !  Good to know eh ?

I’ve never stopped and I’ll continue to set myself new goals and to dream new dreams


If we can be brave enough to continue to be curious about what we are capable of.  If we can maybe think about things (ourselves) differently and if we can dig deep on our courage, what new goals and dreams might we set ourselves ??



  • Make a list of your goals and dreams. Old & New !
  • Make a list of all the times you’ve been courageous in your life (give yourself credit !!)
  • Ask the person you trust the most, the ways in which they think you are brave
  • Make a list of the conditions you need that will help you be brave in the future
  • Make a list of the people who you know will support you in your goals and dreams



And finally….here’s a quick look at my mini journal for April






Next months theme will be…’Writing’

Thanks for showing up

Come back soon







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