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Image from my Journal


A Quote….


Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it

Roald Dahl


Many great ideas start with a list…


My instinctive response to todays quote, was to write a list of questions in my journal.

Here are some of them…

  • where do I see magic ?
  • do I believe in magic ?
  • how does magic show up in my life ?
  • is magic the same for everyone ?
  • what magic things have happened in my life this year ?
  • what does magic mean ?
  • what does a glimpse of magic feel like ?
  • what would my life be like without magic ?
  • am I paying attention to the magic ?

So, what about you, do you believe it’s true…that if we don’t believe in magic we will never find it ?  And what might a wider interpretation of this concept mean for us ?  Is it true that if we don’t believe in something we can never find it, experience it or be a part of it ? What does it mean if we don’t believe in ourselves ?  How can we begin to find ourselves if we don’t believe in ourselves ?


You can see, it all got a bit ‘deep’, pretty rapidly.  I do tend to find myself going deep sometimes without really trying.  This is part of who I am.  I also believe in magic and I can begin to dare to believe in myself too because that is the only way that I will ever get to really discover who I am and experience the life I am here to explore.




  • do you believe in magic
  • do you believe in yourself
  • use the questions I’ve listed above
  • change them
  • write your own questions



with the idea of ‘Magic’ in your mind…


  • go on a treasure hunt for images (stick them in your journal)
  • write a list of words
  • anything else that feels magical !


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