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Mindset has been our quote theme for



Below…you’ll find some of my thoughts on the subject
Along with a few quotes, journaling prompts, suggestions & questions
I hope you enjoy exploring …


We started February with this gem of a quote…I’m afraid I don’t know who to attribute it to
If you do….let me know !



So here’s a thought….

There is nothing wrong with you

You are not broken

We all struggle…it is a natural part of any change

If we’re not changing.. we are staying stuck (safe but stuck)



How’s that for a mindset shift ?  With everyone showcasing their best selves on social media etc,. it would be so easy to think that there must be something wrong with us when we struggle with something…whatever it is.  The gap between our ‘fantasy self’ and our ‘real self’ is where shame shows up. Sometimes that gulf can feel insurmountable.


Journaling prompts….
  • what do I need in order to support my real self right now
  • I give myself permission to
  • How can I best match the choices I’m making with my energy


  • who’s is the voice that’s telling you there’s something wrong with you ?



Our ability to recognise that our old patterns of thinking are not serving us, is where we all start in our pursuit of becoming the best version of ourselves.

Questioning or challenging those old patterns and being open to new ones takes courage





  • who are the people who bring out the best in me? Who sees the possibility and potential in me? Who supports my ‘real self’?


  • make a list of all the people you know
  • now make a list of the people who’s opinion really matters to you (hint; my list consists of 3 people!)  I wrote these names on a heart shaped piece of paper which I keep in my purse.  When I’m really struggling with self doubt or feel overwhelmed with feelings of ‘not good enough’ I take a look at these names and ask myself what they would say.  Basically….if you’re names not on my list, your opinion doesn’t count !!


Journaling Prompts…
  • the mindset or patterns of thinking that are not serving my real & best self are…
  • the people and habits that do support me are…
  • I have the courage to be open to creating new helpful patterns of thinking


Take a moment to breathe and direct kindness & patience towards yourself.  This is vulnerable stuff.  There is no rush, we have the time.  Creating new habits takes time and lots, I mean LOTS of attempts!  We’re all doing the best we can


What do we think of this one ?

So, I like it.

I read it as an invitation, an opportunity to simply pay attention, to keep noticing how I respond to things, to how they make me feel, to what interests me.  I like it because it seems to match with the tendency for my interest and attention to  to shift and change as I learn more about myself.





Journaling Prompts…
  • the things that excite and motivate me are…
  • I can keep myself open and aware by…



Phew !!  What a helpful mindset shift for me.

As one who’s natural tendency is towards binary thinking ie. right/wrong, black/white, success/failure etc ….this quote is a great reminder of the power of shifting my mindset.  Perspective is key !

My ‘failures’ do not point to my lack of success but play a crucial role in signposting where I’m headed next.  Any ‘failures’ are part of the process of success…If we want to learn or try new things then ‘failure’ is probably going to part of that process. Trying is part of learning.  If we can develop a capacity for resilience it will help us as we keep getting up and starting again.

I’m learning to accept that struggle is a part of growing, of learning more about myself, of trying new things. That I’m not going to get things ‘right’ the first time I try it and that ‘failure’ is part of my process and it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with me.


Journaling Prompts…

Below, you’ll find a list of words or concepts on the theme of mindset  Pick out one or as many as you like and respond to it in your journal.

  • struggle
  • habits
  • patterns of thinking
  • shame
  • fantasy self vs real self
  • change & growth vs safe but stuck
  • what are my beliefs
  • are my patterns of thinking/beliefs serving my ‘best self’
  • how open can I become to new ways of thinking
  • success looks and feels like
  • failure looks and feels like
  • the people who’s opinion truly matters to me are…
  • courage


Remember….words are great but you can also work with images & colour.  Why not go on a treasure hunt for images and stick them in your journal.

Also remember…your journal is just for you ! It doesn’t need to make sense to anyone else, indeed it doesn’t even need to make sense to you! It doesn’t need to be a work of art or a literary masterpiece. Some of my journal entries are simply a list of words.

Tip.…try dating your journal pages !  I love to use my date stamp.  This is really useful, particularly if you’re going to get into the habit of ‘harvesting’ from your journal (see more about harvesting here) 

And Finally….

February’s mini journal



Next months theme will be ‘Success’

(seemed like a natural progression to me)




Thanks for showing up !
Come back soon


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