Space to Process


Journaling can be  a great place and space for us to process our thoughts, ideas, problems.

We can use any tools or techniques that helps us do that…

  • writing words
  • drawing
  • found images
  • paint
  • collage
  • colour
  • quotes
  •  +++ add your own !

it’s great to allow ourselves the opportunity to simply let our ideas unfold on the page without the pressure of ‘producing something’ or it needing to be ‘pretty’ or ‘artistic’ or even to make sense !  Getting it out of our heads and down on the page is the key


  • on a scrap of paper…write a list of 5 words for today
  • cut that list up into single words
  • stick them in your journal
  • write 3 things about why you chose each of those words for today
  • doodle around each word
  • dig out some ephemera images to add to the page


  • do all or none of the above !
  • don’t ‘think’ too much
  • come back to it at any time to add to it or change it


We’re all making it up as we go along & we are our own worst critic




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