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has been our quote theme for

June 2023

Below…you’ll find all of the quotes from June along with some of my thoughts, journaling prompts, suggestions and questions to get you thinking about

stories and in particular the stories we tell ourselves.

I hope something here will get you thinking & your journaling juices flowing…



There’s quite a lot of content to get our heads around here !  So here’s a few ideas to prevent ‘overwhelm’ especially if you’re short on time

  • have a quick skim through the content below
  • see what one thing ‘stays’ with you or stands out. that might be an image, a quote, a question or a prompt…anything 
  • respond to that one thing in your journal
  • write
  • draw
  • collage


  • nothing has to make any sense ! (even to yourself)

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Lets start with a bonus quote…

Since this month is all about ‘stories’

My story matters because I matter

I am absolutely enough

(Brene Brown)




Stories are not only things that other people write in books for us to read.

  We also have our own stories to tell and….

stories are also what we tell ourselves about ourselves, our world and our place in that world


We started June with this quote from Dawana Markova…

Both the quotes for this week and the second week of this month came from the book by Dawana Markova…

                                                   ‘I will not die an unlived life, Reclaiming purpose and passion’




Which story will I tell myself?

One that leads me into an old familiar rut

Or one that carries me to a new possibility

(Dawana Markova)



follow that dream:   if you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time



  • what stories are you telling yourself about yourself and your world today ?
  • are those stories helpful or unhelpful


Some of the stories we tell ourselves are more ‘slippery’, more tricky to identify than others.  I learned this myself very recently in a conversation with a friend who is brave enough to reflect these thoughts back at me ( we all need friends who are that brave in our lives !)  Thank you Jill




(it) feels a bit like life is a process of excavating all the layers of a story to reveal who we are beneath them all






When we become aware that we are telling ourselves stories

We begin to have a choice about what stories we are telling

and that is the beginning of authoring our own existence

(Dawana Markova)



if it makes you happy it doesn’t have to make sense to others



  • how aware are you that you tell your self stories about yourself, who you are and your life. That you have an internal narrative ?
  • what influence do you think these stories have on your life ?
  • how possible is it for us to change, to re-write, the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and our lives ?





Creativity soars when we re-write the stories we tell ourselves

(Lisa Sonora)


I am a slow walker but I never walk backwards I don’t know where I’m going but I am on my way


Is it only me that thinks its amazing that we actually have this ‘agency’ over our lives.  That we can choose to notice the stories that we tell ourselves, that we have been told or adopted through means of conditioning or cultural expectations, that we can choose to change that narrative and we can decide to re write our own stories.  We can reinvent/recreate ourselves.


Another bonus quote…


In order to become who we are meant to be

We must first let go of who we think we are





  • how will you ‘author your own existence’ (how will you write your own story ?)



When we deny our stories they define us

When we own our stories

We get to write the ending

(Brene Brown)


writing words and telling stories



Journal Prompts…

  • what is my story
  • how many stories do I have
  • which stories define me
  • which stories do I choose to re-write
  • what ending shall I write for my own story



A new story I’m telling myself…

I am capable of much more than I ever allowed myself to  imagine


A quick flick through June’s mini journal…






The inspiration,  background and images for this weeks mini journal all came from a page in one of my creative journals that I worked on some time ago.

I photocopied different elements of the page in varies sizes cut elements out and laid them out as you see here.

Lots of fun cutting, sticking, printing and writing.


Are you making your own mini journals ??


Watch the video HERE to see how I make them




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