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March 2023


Below…you’ll find all of the quotes from March along with some of my thoughts, journaling prompts,

suggestions and questions to


Get you journaling… !


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Here are some bitesize journaling suggestions or options to get you started…

  • Read the 4 quotes from this month. Pick one and journal your response to it
  • Do the same for all 4 quotes
  • Pick one journaling prompt from below and ‘answer’ it
  • Choose one of the 2 additional quotes I’ve used below and simply make a list of words that come to mind in response (give yourself 5 minutes, set a timer !)



We started March with this gem of a quote…

WEEK 1:  5th March 2023


So…hands up who’s never made a mistake ??

Not me… There are not many things in my life that I can be certain of but this is one !

But if I love anything… it’s a realisation & a positive reframe… What I don’t think I had realized until very recently, is that I have tried many, many things in my life and that when I have failed at some of those things, I have been my own worse critic, as many of us are, and judged myself a ‘failure’.  I have never thought of myself as  a ‘success’.  I had never allowed myself to see the benefit in trying new things and that the success lay in the trying and the learning about myself.  Whereas, now, I’m not sure I would even consider most of my ‘failed’ attempts at new things to be ‘mistakes’ even, but prefer to think of them as adventures, experiments, attempts, as ‘things’ I’ve been brave enough to try…. If I counted up all the things I’ve tried in my life then I might count it a success.


What do you think ?



  • How do you measure your success ?
  • What is the measure of success ?
  • Is success a destination ?
  • Has your idea of success changed over time ?



  • Make a list of all the ‘new’ things you’ve tried over the years
  • Were they a ‘success’ ?



Week 2:  12th March 2023



  • How do ‘mistakes’ fit with my idea of ‘success’ ?
  • What are the things I’d like to try but am afraid of ‘failing’ at ?


A life spent in making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing

George Bernard Shaw



WEEK 3:  19th March 2023

(Georgia O’Keeffe)

Journaling Prompts…

  • ‘Success’ is irrelevant
  • There is no such thing as ‘success’
  • If ‘success’ was no longer the yard stick by which my life was measured…..
  • I am making my unknown, known by…


Image: from my journal 2017


WEEK 4:  26th March 2023

(Ehime Ora)

I guess until now, I had always assumed that the opposite of success was failure and that there was some kind of unspoken hurry to get there…to be successful.

As I mentioned earlier…very often we are our own worse critic and judge ourselves far more harshly that we do other people.

  By these measures or yard sticks it’s been easy to consider myself something of a failure…But…


The successful are the people who have fallen flat a dozen times – but have got to their feet again

Pam Brown


And I’ve gotten up more times than I care to think about. And I never seem to stop trying new things



I had a browse through some of the images from my journals since 2017… these were just 3 that spoke to me as a response to the notion of ‘success’…




Journaling Prompts…

  • Success looks like…
  • Success feels…
  • The successes in my life are…



In anything we set out to do in our lives, we all have to start somewhere with trying something new, something we’ve never tried before.  It’s pretty unlikely that we are going to ‘nail’ something first time round, along the way we’re going to make mistakes, ever tried playing an instrument, a sport, learning a new language, you get the idea.    Mistakes play a big part in our learning & successes.


I’d love to hear your thoughts about success

What have you made of our quotes for March ?


Remember….words are great but you can also work with images & colour and you could also draw, doodle in your journal.  Why not go on a treasure hunt for images and stick them in your journal.  If the blank page is your nemesis… why not cover some pages in paint first… now they’re not blank anymore !

Also remember…your journal is just for you ! It doesn’t need to make sense to anyone else, indeed it doesn’t even need to make sense to you! It doesn’t need to be a work of art or a literary masterpiece. Some of my journal entries are simply a list of words.

Tip.…try dating your journal pages !  I love to use my date stamp.  This is really useful, particularly if you’re going to get into the habit of ‘harvesting’ from your journal (see more about harvesting here) 

And Finally….

The mini journal for March



Next months theme is going to be about ‘Writing’

I do hope you’ll join me

Thanks for showing up





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