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December 2023

December’s quotes have all been on the theme of Transformation

Transformation of all things big and small

Transformation of thoughts, ideas, beliefs and anything else we might wish to think of

Below…you’ll find all of the quotes from December along with a couple of


journaling prompts




to get you thinking and your Journaling Juices flowing…

Maybe just pick one!

 The one that speaks to you the loudest &  work with it in your own Journal 

Write, paint, draw, sketch collage, do it whatever way feels right for you. It doesn’t need to make any sense at all to anyone, even you !

Try to avoid overthinking it or trying to make it beautiful or profound. Simply get what’s in your head down on the page.

I hope you enjoy…



The end of any year is always a great time for reflection. I chose these quotes for this month because I felt they might help to support us in any reflections we might be having at the end of 2023

This first quote for December speaks to me and my creative practice and process. So often there is a battle between the need to ‘fit in’ to belong and to be a part of life which feels at odds with a desire to make a statement through our creative work, our art. There is a desire to challenge or to provoke or offer an alternative perspective


Week 1

The artist is not there to be at one with the world

(s)he is there to transform it

Anais Nin



  • I feel at one with the world when
  • My desire to transform the world looks/feels like


Journaling Prompt…

  • Transformation

This one word is a great starting place for some journaling. As always, how you work in your journal is up to you. Write, draw, paint, collage, print/stamp etc. Go on a treasure hunt for ephemera, for images and words in magazines. Gather a collection together then start to add things into your journal. See where it takes you. work for 10 minutes, work for an hour, come back to it later in the week or weeks later. Make up your own rules !



Week 2

May we all find the soil in which the seeds of our dreams can germinate into lives that are free of the limitations of our previous history, lives that are full and warm and rich with amazement

Dawna Markova

I will Not Die an Unlived Life; Reclaiming purpose and passion p.181



I love this quote. Oh, that we might all be privileged enough to experience the gifts of the conditions we need in order to thrive and evolve beyond the limits of our history.



  • What conditions do I need in order for the seeds of my dreams to germinate and thrive?



Week 3

If I waited for perfection I would never write a word

Margaret Atwood


How many times have we stopped ourselves from pursuing a passion or desire (even for starting our own journal) because we are afraid that it will not be good enough, that we will do it wrong or even that we, ourselves are not good enough. Whatever our desires, dreams or aspirations, we all have to start them somewhere, that somewhere is where we are right now. We may not succeed in everything we do, that’s normal, but what is success anyway ?

Remember this from our journal prompt back in March…



Why not remind ourself of all of March’s quotes and thoughts on Success HERE


Journal Prompt…

  • If it didn’t have to be perfect I would…
  • What would you try
  • What would you say
  • What would you write



Week 4

We don’t see things as they are

We see things as we are

Anais Nin


Journaling Prompts…

  • Thinking about the way I see things
  • Perspective
  • It’s Ok to change my mind


Week 5

I give up freely what no longer serves me.

I release it to create space for what inspires me


Journal prompt…

  • what no longer serves me
  • I am inspired by



And finally…The final flip through of the final mini journal of 2023





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Thanks for reading

Sharon X

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